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Cold and heat insulation made by PE

Cold and heat insulation made by PE

PE- insulation pipes are made of polyethylene by physical frothing with different diameter and wall thickness.


       - Thermal insulation of hot and cold water hr.steny 5, 10 and 15 mm

      - Insulation of central heating (90 ° C) - hr. walls 15 and 20 mm

      - Insulation of refrigeration and air conditioning.

               Properties                                                               Value                          Unit
   Bulk density of                                                                      33                           kg.m-3
   Dimensional toleranceČSN 64 5405                                 + -1.17                           %
   Water absorption in water ČSN64 5421                            Max. 8                           %
   Temperature range                                                         -40 ~ +90                         ° C
   Heat vodivostČN EN ISO 8497 0.0397 at                          0 ° C                         W / mK
   The degree of flammability STN 73 0862                             C3
Color: Dark gray

Packaging: corrugated cardboard cartons or PE-bags (quantity by TAB 1, 2)


       hr. wall 5 mm: diameter        12-35 mm

       hr. wall 10 mm: diameter      12-76 mm

       hr. wall 15 mm: diameter      12-89 mm

       hr. wall 20 mm: diameter 18 to 114 mm


All insulated pipes are manufactured in self-extinguishing arrangements with the addition of flame retardant.



       Excellent thermal insulation - closed cell structure ensures high thermal resistance of the heat conduction.

       High chemical resistance - polyethylene resistant to all commercially available chemicals. The long-term harmful UV radiation.

       Easy application and installation - the installation should be a minimum of tools (sharp knife, tape measure, template).

       Health and environmental safety - Insulating pipes are manufactured from environmentally and health friendly materials and even after a long time not emit any harmful substances.

Offered range of goods

  Name Description
Insulaion sheets Insulaion sheets Insulating sheets are made of polyethylene physical napeňovaného without using CFC and HCFC and environmentally friendly. due to its closed cell structure insulation material has excellent acoustic and thermal insulating properties. The basic range of insulation sheets: Simple belts, laminated sheets, laminated sheets, strips Expansion
Insulation tubes Insulation tubes Advantages: Excellent thermal insulation properties - closed cell structure ensures a high thermal resistance of heat conduction. High chemical resistance - Polyethylene is resistant to all commonly available chemicals. The long-term harmful effects of UV radiation. Easy workability and installation - Installation requires at least the tools (sharp knife, tape measure, template).

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