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Commercial terms

User Terms and Conditions


The buyer sent the order confirms that he met with a shopping Regulations and the Conditions set out in this document are accepted. All orders received are confirmed by e-mail to the address given by the buyer to the order, or by phone. Conditions of the terms and conditions are valid until the publication of the new terms of trade shopping order, on site shop. Buyer shall mean the natural person as well as a legal person.

The validity of the order

The purchase agreement, based on which the Bank sold goods to the seller to the buyer is under a binding order confirmation. Shall be considered serious electronic confirmation (e-mail communication), fax or phone and one that is made after the previous sending electronic order (confirmation of the order to the system is not an order confirmation). Contact needed to confirm orders usually performed seller after verifying the availability of supply in terms of the desired product. Seller confirmed order (or part thereof) shall be considered binding for both parties if there is no breach of the terms agreed at the time of confirmation. As essential conditions are considered, the content of the order (the exact specification of the number of goods), price of goods transport and method of delivery date. In obligation is sufficient an electronic communication with the customer.

Delivery of goods ordered

For goods in stock, the usual time of delivery in 2-3 working days. If the ordered good are not in stock, the delivery period usually is extended one to two weeks from the order. In this case, the delivery date agreed by e-mail or phone with the buyer. Part of the consignment of goods is the delivery note / invoice. If you can’t deliver an invoice within shipment (e.g. To speed up the dispatch of goods or for technical failures seller.), the document is subsequently sent by post to the address specified by the buyer in order. Place of collection of goods is determined on the basis of the buyer´s order. For the execution of the supplies shall be deemed to supply the subject of performance to that post. The delivery of the installation is not deliverable.

Transport of goods provided by the seller through standard company TOPTRANS. Other means of transport shall be agreed by e-mail or telephone at least 1 day prior to delivery of the goods. During transport the product from the seller to the buyer the product insured. Buyer is obliged for the goods from the carrier due to take, check the integrity of the packaging and condition of the item. In the event of damage to the original packaging buyer does not take a lot more with workers company transmission protocol damaged goods. Possible damage to goods during shipment, the buyer is obliged to immediately inform also the seller in writing (e-mail, mail, fax) within 2 days of the refusal of the lot.

Price - Payment Terms

Product is normally sent by mail order, the purchaser paid on receipt of the consignment, including transport prices. Another option is a non-cash pre-payment at the seller´s bank account on the basis of calls for payment (advance invoice). For orders from permanent business partner can be done by mutual agreement and payment of the invoice until after delivery.


The warranty period for goods sold is normally 24 months for citizens (consumers) and 12 months for companies and entrepreneurs, unless the purchase contract or specifications of the article noted.


Service of goods is ensured by AEROFLEX-SK, s.r.o. or AEROFLEX, a.s. or its suppliers.

Returns policy

The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. If it is found to mechanical damage of product packaging, the buyer is obliged to check the status of goods in the event of damage to make a record of the damage in the presence of the carrier. By signing the consignment note buyer, the buyer agrees to take the goods and confirms that it arrived undamaged due to traffic. Later complaints caused by the fault of transport can’t be taken into account. The warranty does not cover normal wear things (or parts thereof) due to its use. Shorter product life can’t therefore be considered a fault and can’t even advertise as such. In the matter on receipt by buyer is not in conformity with the contract (e.g.. A contradiction with the contract), the buyer has the right to charge the seller without undue delay, said the state corresponding to purchase. This does not apply if the buyer before the takeover of the conflict with the contract knew or conflict with the contract itself caused. In case of conflict of goods with the contract, the consumer is entitled to a. redress and this way: free the goods into the state of the corresponding contract by means of repair, a proportionate reduction of the purchase price, delivery of replacement goods, the withdrawal from the contract. As to whether the defect is proportional decides authorized service center in the form of a written assessment of the defect. In this case, the goods will be exchanged for the same item, or refund of the price paid goods. Rights liability for defects shall apply for the seller, in which the object purchased. If that is not defective goods surrendered to claim the seller according purchaser shall be responsible for any damage caused by transportation at it. To carry the goods claimed Use only original packaging. Even in the event of damage to the buyer takes full responsibility and expense of the damaged goods sent back because the complaint on the basis of mechanical damage is not deductible. The shipment should be insured. To claim, observe the following procedure: in writing or electronically send the data available on you as a buyer, the data from the invoice description complaint, please demonstrate how evidence. Photos etc., all send to our address. Within two working days will be sent information on procedure (delivery address where you send the defective goods). Send goods to the address and the description. The goods should be sent only in the original container or in a suitable shipping container, otherwise we are not liable for any mechanical damage during transport to our service.

Right of withdrawal

Withdrawal from the contract by law no. 367/2000 (more in the next paragraphs). In accordance to the Act. 367/2000 you as a customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract up to 14 days of receipt of goods. This right to contingent purchase as an individual consumer (not the ID). If you decide for withdrawal within this period, we ask of compliance with those conditions admit.

Contact us in writing or electronically, if applying for a withdrawal order number, invoice number and date of purchase. If you have already received the goods, please send it back to our address stated in the contact section.

The withdrawal from the contract is necessary original proof of purchase. In the event that the conduct of the buyer to the seller damage arising under section 55 paragraphs. 1, the buyer is obliged to pay the damage (especially incomplete content, damaged content etc.)

Product Please send by registered and insured, because we are not liable for any loss towards us. When all the above conditions return you send money for goods transfer to your account within 14 days after physical receipt of the goods. In the event of failure to comply with the above conditions will not accept withdrawal from the contract and the goods will be returned at buyer´s expense and will be deposited back at our plant for a handling fee of 1% of the sales price of the goods for storage, of the day (this fee includes mainly handling space storage and insurance of foreign affairs) movable. In the event that the purchaser exercises this right, back to the seller undamaged goods in original undamaged packaging with all accessories, instructions, or other related documents. The goods can be returned to the addresses specified in the link Contacts, or in person at the personal subscriptions.

Cancellation of Orders

Seller reserves the right to cancel the order, or even part of it, in the following cases:

     - The goods are no longer produced or delivered
     - Increased the price by the supplier, and after consulting the buyer does not accept the price increase

If any of these conditions occurs, the seller may cancel the order and recommend goods to the buyer similar parameters. Seller also reserves the right to cancel the order, even if the buyer has provided false or incomplete contact details.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. In order to offer you our services, we need to know some personal data. These data protect against misuse and will not be disclosed to any third party. Buyer agrees that particular electronic contact seller can send promoting their services if you require the buyer any form of indifference in this marketing activity. Our online store reserves the right to withdraw from the security guarantees in the event of a server attack by unknown perpetrators (hackers). Only then do not pay the amount specified rules for handling data.


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